BEIJING -- China has applied T800 carbon fiber composite in a domestically-developed helicopter model, the Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) said Tuesday.This achievement has filled a gap in the engineering applications of T800 carbon fiber composite in the Chinese aviation industry, said the state-owned aviation giant.AVIC has achieved the manufacturing of T800 composite parts, which have passed testing and satisfy technical specifications, it said.The high-end composite of T800 has been applied in a domestically-developed helicopter model, representing China's progress in developing the advanced material for its aviation products.T800 is a high-end carbon fiber composite, which is lightweight and strong with corrosion and fatigue resistance. It is expected to play a dominant role in major composite materials in the aerospace industry.China is still in the initial stages of developing the aviation composite. An AVIC research team has worked out feasible technical solutions in the manufacturing techniques and technical specifications of the T800 composite, it said. make your own silicone bracelets
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